June 26, 2009

where are you

where is everyone guys?

where are u stephen ... I miss ur micro humour

where are u asbah .... I miss ur honest posts

where are u sandeep .... I miss ur everytime something new in store attitude in each of ur blog posts
where are u pink orchid ... I miss everything u ever wrote, ur an amazing writer... tc and god bless! do awesome in ur personal life and then return to louge, take ur time but always remember that louge wont ever be complete without u

where are u pratsie ... more then anyone else that is out of scene, its u, whose impact is the most... hope all gets back in ur life to normal state soon!! the louge miss the amazing creative bloggger that ur

where are u
where are u leo ... the louge is impatient to the master poet in u, there is always an essence missing till ur works keep coming regularly
where are u sochu, nuchu, zindagi migzara... louge starves for the cuteness u have

where are u hashan ... if louge is a pack of cards, ur the king of ace, where is ur work
where are u tan da.... louge misses ur responsible eyes when it looses its path deep in the blackness of nights, u remember the days when u and kajal use to pave the louge's way to dusk :) I miss that all

where are u pulkit... 1 month earlier... when u were scoffin with ur least prepared semester exams then too...u use to write something here everyday! and from past 1 month when ur sitting on couch in ur only holiday season of the year... where is ur enthusiasm gone!
Pulkit replies - I know everyone and everything is same but yet something is missing... and I am rather sure of it! that to my senses... something for sure is missing!


  1. Sumfin z surely missng do teme if u find nythng tht missd .. i miss lounge days ..

  2. me too miss em....
    All of em were active when i joined...

  3. nice 2 hear frm u pulkit..:) sorry 4 not being in touch..not keeping well offlate..:(

  4. I'm missing their writes too...
    Good post :)

  5. i want the answers too....where have everybody disappeared and even the lounge :(

  6. @ illusion - agreed to the core :(

  7. @ FL - hi bro! sorry... I wasnt much regular since the time u joined in so not much of an interaction with ya till date :)
    anyways... never the less...
    hi this is pulkit, 2nd yr student of engineering from kanpur!
    http://19goes20.blogspot.com is my master blog, apart from other 2!

    send me link of urs pls :)

  8. @ arun kumar - just those days when u joined , louge was at its fastest pace :) and I know ul agree to that :)
    never mind, we can still restart the magic! just want an initiative :)

  9. @ hey bard... ur pen name is a real long yaar , so hard to type all :)

    tc of ur health bro! whenever u need me, m always here :)

  10. @ mysterious gal - Me too! actually that was the sole purpose of the post...

  11. :$ I miss other ppl too but guess i am not missed by ppl :P say you miss me ( plzzzz ;) )

  12. I know everyone and everything is same but yet something is missing...

    nice lines!

  13. Love you bro !!

    I will back..we will back..we will create the magic again :))


  14. @ illusion - ur an enigma always around, even when ur not present, I am sure that ur right there staring and communicating to each one of us with ur omens , illusion u :)

  15. @ thoorika - thanks for the comments dear :)

  16. @ hashan - :) smiles! yes we will be back...
    I am looking forward to enter a series of poetic replies with u soon some day :)


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