June 7, 2009


Miles and miles away

nay more than miles

you are from me now

still at the same turn

I am waiting for you

where you left me alone

startled and ruined

I can feel you

but can't touch you

I don't know

how come this bridge

parting us forever

how can I rub

those memorable days

your smiling eyes

stealed the pain of my heart

your touch

frozen me on hot sunny days

your inspiring words

raised me to the peak of success

your whole presence

made me what I am today

but your parting

made me silent as death

you walked away

leaving me alone

you stealed everything

that was yours

I can't even say

you a fraud

I can't even say

you a burglar

as it wasn't you

who left me alone

it wasn't you

who stealed me

It was me

yes me

who made you leave me

who made you steal me

then why

I am still missing you

then why

I am still waiting for you

P.s. I scribbled this six year back when my writer soul was entangled with handful of alien feeling which still after this long journey remain unexplored.


  1. wow... excellent write... loved it...

    but u cud've reduced the spaces between the lines... :-)

  2. Superb Vidisha!!

    Very heartfelt... I remember the time when I felt that way once... it still gets me emotional...

    Loved it!

  3. @Arun-thanks..!!!... n I did tht wat u said

    @Aarthi-thanks Aarthi..!!!..hmmm itz really emotional.


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