June 7, 2009

My lil' gurl!

I cannot forget the pride in my heart and the tears of joy in my eyes as I bade her goodbye at the airport that day. My daughter, now a 25-year-old young lady, was going away to another city on an internship for two months. There was my independent, confident, assertive daughter waving at me from the escalator as she got ready to board the plane. She was embarking upon a journey to prove her mettle and make a mark. I patted myself for having done a fine job of bringing her up. She was just like I’d wanted her to be; probably, everything that I was never, and much more. She had learnt to fly... I’d given her wings. She was now ready to fly away... fend for herself, build her own nest, have her own family. My little girl had grown up.

The next moment, she was gone. It was time for me to go back to the car for the drive back home. I wanted to make sure if she was okay in the lounge. I contemplated calling her, but decided otherwise. She’d manage. I should let her go now, I said to myself. My legs ached... I was growing old. I smiled to myself. And suddenly, a sense of emptiness engulfed me. I walked with a heavy heart, holding back my tears, back to where the car had been parked. Just when my cell-phone buzzed... a message! I frowned. The last thing I’d wanted was someone from work messaging me at that moment. Reluctantly, I took out my cell-phone from my bag and looked at it. It was from my daughter.

“Hi ma! M waiting 4 my flight n havin our favourite Latte at the airport lounge. Missin u already ma! Thanx for always being there! I’ll b back soon! Tc n keep smiling! Luv ya! Ur lil’ gurl!

I smiled. She’d always be my little girl, won’t she? I burst out into tears, but there was a smile on my face! Yes, she indeed was my little girl...

PS: Back to the Lounge after a long hiatus! :)


  1. so sweet story Neha....loved it...!!!

    Mothers are always Precious....!!!

  2. Wow this was amazing! :)



    NICE POST .....


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