June 7, 2009

A STAR....!!!

Some times i wonder What am I?
Just an other girl
Dreaming the angels
Loving the roses

Am i just an other girl
Smiling for little everything
Living in fantasy
Admiring its beauty

Some times i wonder
If i will ever be different
But i now realize
I am already changed

I think better about life
I know what i need
I follow the path unique to me
I live to reach my goal

I wanted to be a shining star
I see i am already one
Then the very next second
I realize, I a bit in the galaxy...!!


  1. whenever you start thinking whether u r normal...u start becoming everything other than normal...

    nice write yamini... nice flow...

  2. I completely loved this Yamini...

    Honestly speaking, the day you start thinking that you are just a bit in the galaxy... you will never realize how unique you are in your own way!

    Everyone is unique, in some way or the other! :D


  3. I don't know who clicked on Bad for reactions, but I totally disagree with them! I think this is Excellent-worthy!


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