June 9, 2009

What next..??

"After a few months of courtship with the guy I'm dating, I wasn't feeling much, if any, emotional attachment to him.
Today I decided to break up with him, but I want to do it in person because otherwise I'm just being a lousy coward.
Well, he got online saying he couldn't sleep, right after I finished rehearsing what I was going to say when I broke up with him.
After some small talk, he admitted he has started to fall in love with me..."

What shall she do now?

Till the next time,

P.S. The lounge has been quiet so thought of this chain post. Though I know I may not get response to this, but I guess Roshwrites will contnue this, have been following her beautiful way of writing.

I don't know what should be blamed for this dormancy of the lounge...ummm...may be the weather:P
Looking forward for certain activities in here.


  1. Good one Rose...

    I would want to try and continue this... can I try? :)

    The dormant mode at the lounge is because many members have their exams coming up, some are busy with their work...

    But it'll soon be back to normal... :D

  2. arre obviously...anyone can take this further...i pointed out rosh cuz i see only her here..:P:P

    and congo..the new admin...noticed today :D

    n i hope to see the old lounge soon:)

  3. Nice start rose... Hoping a good continuity from artz or rosh... i'm kinda on a tight schedule this eve... :-)

  4. good begin !! and thats so very nice coz good beginning is half done :D !! will try to write further at night :)

  5. Rose you've started this of really well! I'll defiantly try and continue! Well I'll probably continue Pretty Me!! after her next part!
    Thanks for trying to get the lounge activity up- I'm sure you will!

  6. @arun
    Well, when i wrote this I had you, the other doc, and roshwrite in mind...seein' that al my mentors here r really busy...(read aarthi,prats,kajal..)

    Please take this fowrward whenever you get time:)

  7. @Prat Di
    *big hug*
    kitne dino bad mile..:D

    Looking forwards for the twists and turns:)

  8. @roshwrites
    so we talk for the first time...:)
    really lookin' forward for your touch to the story:)


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