June 8, 2009

Skin colour doesn't matter- or does it?

"What does Vijay see in her? After all, she's a zebra," Nicole murmured to her friend Neya.

"A zebra?" Neya questioned.

"Half black half white." Nicole said. Neya glanced at Nicole.

"Who?" Neya asked.


I gasped within the cubicle. I lifted my feet off the ground so Nicole and Neya couldn't see who I was. Is this what people see me as? A zebra? I felt tears forming in my eyes and couldn't hold them in anymore. I'm mixed race, but I am still human. What have I ever done to Nicole? I can't help being half and half, I sobbed. Was I just a novelty? Someone to laugh at, someone to be teased? I'm not even a someone. I'm an animal, I thought.

It was that day I realised I was different. That day I knew I was a joke, a laugh. From that day for a long time, I thought everyone saw me as a zebra. Or at least a novelty. But then I realised that no, not everyone was racist like Nicole. I had my friends, friends who saw me as Nesta, the person. Not Nesta, the mixed race girl. I had my family, a very mixed family, who treated me well, even though I was a different skin colour to the rest of them.

What do you think? Am I an animal?


  1. hmmmmmmm.. a nice thought.. it's a pretty cruel world..haina?

  2. Thank you :)
    It's a pretty cruel world- hmm. That's a big thing to say, Miss Sunshine! I guess it CAN be a cruel world in a lot of ways, but in some, it can be a pretty GOOD world.

  3. Hey Rosh,

    A very good thought!!

    And surely Nesta aint an animal or a novelty... It is a cruel world of course... But I am sure Nesta has learnt how to fight it! :)

  4. nope...nesta aint an animal...
    if anyone is...its nicole... who is the animal...

    Nice thoughts btw...

  5. hey rosh .. been following ur writes since long even if i dnt comemnt .. really like the way you write !! keep up :)

  6. Thank you so much Aarthi, Arun and Pretty Me :) I'd like to continue this post actually... with Nesta and Nicole... maybe a fight? I don't really know! Aarthi- I'm sure Nesta will fight against the racism :) Arun- yup! Nicole is the animal :P actually I'm being mean to animals :P Nicole is 10,000,000x worse than a poor animal :) Pretty Me- It's nice to know that you're reading me. Thank you for liking the way I like :D


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