June 5, 2009



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word - TRUST!
Do you start thinking about someone on whom you can trust or do you think about the one who broke your trust?

Sometimes it gets so difficult to decipher what the word Trust is all about!
Let me share a small story with you guys about God and his disciple...

Once a village was drowning due to floods. The rescue operations had begun.
There was a village temple. The priest was a big worshipper of Lord Shiva. When the floods had just hit the village, all the people starting moving to other villages. They offered to help the priest, but he refused saying that his Shiva would come to help him.

The water levels had begun to rise. The commandos came in boats to rescue people, but the priest again refused the help offered saying that his Shiva would come.

The whole village was drowning in the flood. The temple also drowned in the water. The priest clinged to the tip of the temple tomb. Military officers came through a helicopter and they tried to help him. But the priest again refused it.
The next day, the priest died. He reached heaven and started fighting with Lord Shiva.

"I worshipped you day and night, not minding any heat or cold and you did not even bother to help me when I needed you the most," shouted the Priest.

"Dear child, I know who needs me when. Did not your fellow villagers call you while leaving for another village?'' enquired Lord Shiva.

"Yes they did," said the priest.

"Did the commandos and the military men offer to help you?" asked Lord Shiva.

"Yes they did," said the priest.

"You denied the help offered to you by me. I was trying to save you in the form of the villagers, the commandos but you kept ignoring my help and that is why you are here. Please do not doubt my intentions dear disciple," explained Lord Shiva.

The priest was dumbstruck. He had almost lost the trust he had on his Lord which had made him to shout on his Guru. He cursed himself for this act!

It sometimes becomes necessary to bestow some trust on others. Otherwise, the survival becomes impossible. Don't we trust the one who delivers milk at our place? Don't we trust the ones who call us for a dinner at their place? Don't we trust our friends, our parents or our siblings? Sometimes we tend to trust a few strangers as well...

Life is all about trust. There will be an handful of people who would break your trust. They would force you to take a decision of never to trust anyone in life. But TRUST is like our thumb. We can't write without it, we can't hold a spoon without our thumb. It is that important. Trusting someone will give you happiness. And who knows, that someone would compensate for all those who broke your trust at some point or the other in life, isn't it?

Trust is the base of every strong relationship. The stronger the factor of TRUST, the stronger will be your relationship and hence, more happiness! :)

P.S. : I hardly know what went through my mind that forced me to write this. Hope you like it! :)


  1. Very true .. very true... :) :)

    TRUST forms the base .. :)

    Nice post Arii..


  2. WOw sounds like a Aesop's Fables. :P
    Nice one.

  3. yeap... agree with u on that artie.... trust is the backbone of any relationship...

    have read this story somewhere... think its from Mahabharata...

  4. Wow this is good... I especially like the last bit "Trust is the base of every strong relationship"


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