June 6, 2009


"Noooo." I said, staring into the mirror, which was hanging on the wall in my bedroom. "How many dresses have you tried, Aleesha? This seems to be your seventh one!" my best friend Anjali cried out loud. "Six actually. Fine. I'll wear this one." Aleesha said, pointing to a silk purple dress, with a pretty bow near the neckline. "Yeah, wear that one. Hurry, we have to do our makeup as well! I brought pink and purple lipsticks. Which would you prefer?" Anjali asked.
Meanwhile, Mira was sat on the bed, with her head held in her hands. "What are Aleesha and Anjali going to think of me? My parents won't let me go to the party! Just because boys are going to be there! And the boys are 10 and 9, for Goodness sake. I'm 14, I can handle myself!" she said. Suddenly she had an idea. I'll sneak out... she thought. In less than 5 minutes, Mira was looking glammed up and ready, in her long velvet dress. She wasn't wearing makeup as she didn't have any (her father thought it was vile on young girls) so she made do with a bit of lipbalm on her lips and she compromised for mascara. She took a blob of lipbalm and put it on her lashes to lenghen them, then got another shimmery lipbalm and put it on her cheeks and eyes.
At the disco, Aleesha, Anjali and Mira were dancing along to Miley Cyrus new tune. Yes, Mira had managed to sneak out. She was totally lost and didn't even notice when the music stopped. "Ok, kids! Did you know that was a dance competition? Well it was! Here are the hidden judges!" the DJ announced. There was uproar. "Out comes Ms Kiola (the violin teacher), Mr Hibbard (the English teacher) and Mr Patel (Mira from 9E's father!)" said the DJ. What? Mr Patel... my dad? I'm Mira from 9E... uh-oh. I sneaked a peek at his face and woah! He looks very angry. He's looking at me! And I'll save you the horrible rest of it... YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.


  1. nice one rosh... innocent n kiddish...

  2. hey... It's kiddish because I am a kid! I'm twelve years old :)
    I think my post today (6.6.o9)is not so kiddish =]


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