June 6, 2009


I sit under the black sky
scribbling in my diary
thoughts about how i love you
But i wondered if you loved me too

Oh dear you mean the world to me
and i cry when you say
you don't love me
and my world becomes dark as Erebus

A teardrop falls on the page
Many more rolling down my cheek
Drop by drop they fall onto the paper
making words fade away

My thoughts are washing off
when we laughed and loved each other
Oh dear
What did i do to you?
That you dont love me too...

This is a poem i wrote one night. Its fiction and im back today after a long time with this. I miss the lounge a lot! Will return with my posts..I miss all of you!


  1. Glad you will be back soon :)
    I like this poem...

  2. nice one princess...
    n why is this labelled under fiction ???

  3. hey nice poem dear.very sweet and simple..

  4. Hi princess

    that was a nice one...but am not that good at reading dark poetry...so no comments..!!!


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