June 6, 2009

The Mysterious Person At The Door!!!

Knock knock. Who could that be at this time? Vikram wondered. Cautiously, he peeked through the spy glass on the door. He could see a woman carrying a briefcase, but her face was not close enough to be seen. "Who is it?" asked Vikram, being careful not to push the door open. "It's Sally!" the person, called Sally said. "Oh!" Sally was Vikram's wife. "But why are you home now? I thought you were coming back tommorow morning! And why are you carrying a briefcase?" Vikram questioned. "Vikram! Just open the door. It's freezing out here!"

Vikram, or Vik as Sally called him sometimes, smiled. He had thought that his own wife was a crazy murderer or something! Vikram opened the door. At the door was none other than Sari, his ex-wife. "You rascal!" Sari screamed, shoving a knife in Vikram's throat.


  1. ewww... brutal...
    I take it back... u r not a kiddish writer.. :-p

  2. the shortest story i had ever read. u could have worked better on the plot.

  3. oh My.......!!!

    the plot could be better...but to make such a short story its all fine..!!!


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