June 17, 2009

@Epilogue to The Conversation

Something told me that my work wouldn’t be commented upon due to some reasons. That’s ok as who likes film songs that too old one’s and stories based out of Mumbai. Despite that am happy that “Arun e something out here. Will end ‘Rahul’s story here.Here goes….

(Rahul is still in a state of shock after hearing that abuse from Rani!!..Just wonders how things have changed just due to getting fame and adulation from the masses)
Following is from his memory as he recollects the time with Rani. Before that he remembers a writeup he read somewhere and tries to find through answers it..

“Was i too much Possessive ? Was I over-controlling ?”.. I think not that much..Besides, I allowed her to attend all the film release functions of her rivals as well..All I wanted was to meet her when she wasn’t shooting..Was that too much??

Love at first meet…We had love long before itself I guess..just that we were scared. Or rather she was as she didn’t want her TRP to dip..Not everyone would be comfortable like the way Nargisji was with Sunil Dutt saab.What a couple!Wish me and Rani could be that way.. (Suddenly comes to his mind this song)

She was instinctive... I believed in reasons...Reason - My heart's mighty foe... I knew so many other girls from my village, but who drifted away from me. When I came to Mumbai, I wanted to be a star on my own merit. And when I found Rani, no doubt, she was a star, but still saw a future. Just that didn’t want to burn my fingers by ending up with and giving it to the wrong girl. Or was it that she had lots and was unable to choose from them and thought to ‘play’around with me?

In cupid's game of hearts... we were two mis-matched toys.And we've lost the game even before the game began…Arent people unique and different?.Seen lot of couples, especially those of the old generation, who are mis-mathced to the T!!..Yet didn’t they thrive on mutual compromise and acceptance?..Agree that I couldn’t match upto Rani’s talent’s, the money she made fame she received. But does that mean we were ‘two mis-mathced toys’??

(Checks his mobile..Its just close to 10..Signals the waiter for a ‘repeat’ and laughs to himself for having got into this mess)


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