June 9, 2009


"I like speed"


"Ya i like fast bikes , fast cars and a fast life"
" how do u know they are fast, maybe something will be faster than them""Ya i guess we cant really call anything fast"
"we can in an abstract way"
"Ya smartass, right!!"
"Ok see you can write fast.. I mean you can reflect speed in your writings"
"OH!! the bus is going real fast, see I can do it"

"You are dumb!"

"No I am not ,ok you show me something better"

"my pleasure"

"Ok now be quiet and listen"

"A flash, glint of metal and he was gone.He was fast too,but something brushed his belly. Running was an exercise.Puff he was getting tired. Thump Thump came his lousy steps.But the man before was too agile. Thump Thump Thump and he increased his pace.Sweat puring, wind blowing. SOmetimes fresh sometimes fresh. he could do it. Stretch yourself.Go beyond your limits. His head was hammering and pulse quickened.
A big noise. Dark. Damn he had fallen into the man hole again"
" hey can I puke?"

"you will never understand..damn you"
And they both happily trotted to a nearby bar.


  1. from the title i knew its your post :P !!

    neway will read later :)

  2. see... this is what is a classic 'Abhri' write !! :D how many times should i say amazing and brilliant sort of adjectives ?? ok now tell me .. who r these two guys ?? u n _____ ??


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