June 9, 2009

And then...

Continues from "What next" by Rose

This was not the first time some one said that to me.. but no one said it sooner than this.But was i surprised ? There was no time to think all this,the window blinked

"I think I am in love with you"
"Then please don't think"
"I mean I am in love with you"


  1. You continued Rose very well :) I can't wait to read the fourth part...
    keep this chain up everyone!
    This was great Pretty Me!

  2. waah waah!
    emotions ko aise samjaya jaye to kitna acha hai...by the way were you soying on my chat when I had this chat with the guy??:P:D
    work of fictions are seldom true fiction...hai na..:)

  3. thanksir Rosh !! waiting who continues ds :)

    @Rose : well t was YOUR chat,,, so definitely a fiction :)

  4. sweet and simple ..trademark pratibha :)


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