June 20, 2009

Shoutbox Removed!!

Hey Loungers,

This is to inform all you people that we are temporarily removing the Shoutbox from the Lounge for the reasons well known to many of you here!

Meanwhile, you can use this comments section as a substitute to the Shout Box. ;)
We hope that you'll understand why we decided to do so and hence cooperate with us.

The Writers Lounge Admin Team.


  1. Haaai Aartz... enakku thookam thookama varthu! :(

  2. Yennakum Nuchu! :(

    Group thookam pannalama? :P

  3. Hey everyone... roshwrites here! Please check out Sonshu's guest post on my blog, to celebrate my 50th post! Also Aarthi, Miss Sunshine, Prats and Tan will soon be doing guest posts too!
    Here's my blog link: http://roshwritesx.blogspot.com

  4. sad that all this is happening coz of me !! m being so mean by still staying :(

  5. guys..am still confused whether i should stay or leave :(..coz dont want 2b targetted just coz i knw some1 here :(

  6. hey guys..am back..but still confused whehter 2 stick or not due 2 some reasons :(


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