June 20, 2009


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Bring her back, oh lord, if you exist really in heaven
as I want her, my life, always , to be there to enliven.
Bring her back as I still want to lead my life
and want to disappear, all my existing strife.

Bring her back as I don’t want to suffer
as I know something, to me, she’ll offer.
Bring her back as I still can’t forget her face
and I cant endure, alone, this phase.

Bring her back as I am unable to sleep
as every night, my heart is out to weep.
Bring her back as tears are turning out to be blood
and one day, all the rivers, with it, will overflood.

Bring her back to me very soon
as that I what I want as a boon.
Bring her back so my life can be jolly
as I am ready to repent for all my folly.

Bring her back as always a note, am out to sing
as slowly I am turning out to be a bird sans a wing.
Bring her back if there is destined some mirth
and if she is really someone my worth.


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