June 17, 2009

A 'ROSE' blooms....

Somewhere in the heart of Dilli, a "Rose" blooms. On a fateful day, 19 years ago, a baby was sent down to earth by the angels......Little did she know about her role in this world. Today she turns 19....and is still somewhat confused....as a matter of fact...lol. She is known today....in our world as....ROSE.

The thing that strikes me best about her is that she is brutally honest in whatever she writes....or says.... A simply fabulous gal....with a heart so pure...that she does complete justice to the pseudonym ROSE. A budding writer well on her way of being famous. Though we talk on the phone sometimes, i have never met this lass. Hell...i haven't even seen her......though she being my closest blogging friend.....(dunno how to describe us...lol)
But she is special.....she knows it, i know it....and you guys know it. 19, the last year of her teens before she starts sprouting the ocassional grey hairs.....

Her blog...'MY WORLD' is so aptly named because gal......U ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!

Many many happy returns of the day, GULABO!


  1. Hey... Happy b'day rose...
    Hearty wishes... N'joy the day...
    Nice dedication FL...

  2. Hey sweetheart many many many many many many happy returns of the day..May god bless u Rose..
    Tats very sweet of u FL

  3. there could be no better post for her than this!!

    Happy B'day dearest ..
    God bless you both

    *Group hug*


    God Bless You!


  5. Happy Birthday Rose...

    God bless you! :)

    And FL, a chuweet post! :)

  6. Happy birthday gurl! May God bless you in abundance of all the goodness in life! Love ya! ♥

  7. Awwwwwww...Thanks FL:)
    It was just so sweet:)
    Thanks..........the Rose is speechless:)
    Never expected so much of love from people who were once stranger, but now an integral of my life here:)

    I'm touched..*tears in her eyes*

    Thank you so much:)

  8. @Arun
    Thank you arun..so much:)
    I hope you liked your surprise:)

  9. @Bloomsblue
    Thank you so much:)
    N thanks for followin' my li'l spade:)
    Do accept the badge, I'll be honoured...really:)

  10. @Prats Di
    Yes...there couldnt have been a better post, though your acro was again, as lovely:)

    Thank you so much:)

    *group hugs*

  11. @Nuchu:)
    Thank you so much)
    And just noticed you became a part of my li'l space:)
    Do accept the badge...n oblige me:)

  12. @C
    Thanks re:)

    Planning for a quiet and peaceful birthday this year:)


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