June 14, 2009


BACKGROUND: VEROSVA beach is at Andheri west in Mumbai. Its quite well known, though not as famous ans commercialised as JUHU. I have some very fond memories of my time there as at one point of time, I used to spend my evenings there by myself. Besides it was just 15 minutes from Yari Road, the place I stayed where during my Mumbai days.
This work was written when I went there for the first time with my room-mate. It wasn’t the first time I had been to a beach. But it was the first time I had been inspired!. As usual, I have included the conversation that ensued and then the work. Worry not as I’ve put the translation in brackets!Hope it makes an interesting read!
A- Achal
(Location: A-203, KINARA. May 2006, a Saturday evening around 5.30 PM)
A-arre chinnu, tu ghar pe ho?..kya baat hein??..(Hey Chinnu, how come at home?)
C- haan yaar..office se jaldi aaya.kuch kaam nahi ta(Yes dude, I came from office early as there was not much work)
A- weekend ke liye kuch plans hein?..(Any plans for the weekend?)
C- nahi..town chaale?.(No.but shall we go to ‘town’?)
A-town?..kab aur kidhar? (town? When and where to?)
A- kaiko?.udhar jaake scene dekhna hein kya *##***(Why? Do you want to see some ‘scene’ or what *##***)
C- Nai re..Bas aise hi!Local pe travel karna acha lagta hein! (No dude. Just like that. Its nice to travel in the local!)
A-tu pagal hein!.abhi mein Versova beach jaarahau hu..tu bhi aale.(You are mad! Now iam going to Versova beach. You also come)
C- udhar aake? (Coming there?)
A-kuch sochte hein baad mein..abhi ready ho jao..mein cutting pene ke liye neeche chalta hu..jaldi aana chinnu..(Lets think later. Get ready. Iam going down to have a cutting. Come fast chinnu)
TOWN-that’s what Mumbaikkars refer to places in SOUTH MUMBAI or proper BOMBAY. Hope someone here clarifies it for others around as I am also ignorant!
*##***- a typical Mumbayya abuse!!
Cutting- the Mumbai name for “half-tea”!
@the picture I’ve enclosed, its just for illustration purposes ONLY.
(What happened at the beach is somewhat described in this work!!)
As I walked to the beach one eventide
I noticed that there wasn’t any tide.
People were out having a lot of fun
just before set the radiant sun.

I sat on a rock and saw the sky
the view just made me heave a sigh.
Could be seen quite a few bright stars
and could be heard the neigh of a horse.
Few could be seen locked in an embrace
and I bet they had love all over their face.
Someone had bent to give his partner a kiss
as sat few thinking of someone they miss.
Beside me, walked many a couple
and could be seen, in water, the ripple.
Looks like they had lot to discuss and say
as they didn’t bother what others had to say.
Came in a lot of older men
as well as some old women.
They preferred to just to sit and talk
or go about their usual evening walk.
The football game looked to get real wild.
Yet,it didn’t affect, out there, the small child
which holding onto to its grandparent’s hand
continued to play undisturbed with the sand!!
Near the rock where I sat, passed a dog
despite which people continued to hog
which made me realize that something I eat
and hence, a sevpuri, I had, as a treat.
As the bhelwallah left after selling his stuff
realized I that the game had become quite rough.
The skyline looked that, was on, just a single light
which made think, about today, I must write.
Though about the beach, people have known
sad that they don’t feel that its their own.
Could be seen a lot of trash and garbage
which to chuck, none must encourage.
Hope to see the beach clean one day
wherein can be seen clearly the sun’s ray.
By seeing the clear and pure blue water
the beach could be alive with people’s laughter!


  1. liked the message to keep the beach clean !!

  2. Nice poem! By the way, if you don't know me yet, I am the youngest here in the lounge at 12 years old :) Hope to get to see more of your writes :)

  3. @PRETTY,its an honour that you read my work :)..thanks a lot!!

  4. @roshwrites, am happy tat u read my work!!..u may be d youngest,but am sure tat u'll benefit by every1 out here!!


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