June 7, 2009


I walked along the way
a place of beauty it was
with the cool breeze all around
the dawn was all fresh

The blue sky shining
Glistening yellow sun
break through the green trees
kissing my senses, i celebrate with joy

The new born blossoms
dance in the musical wind
the chirping birds fly in happiness
beauty is just what i can see

Gracefully touched dried leaves
swing in air, to the melody of silence
the squirrels jump and run
the butterflies fly around

There i wait for someone special
to meet him amidst the best beauty
but now i realize, its just a dream
the beauty is my Land of Dreams...!!!

This is a repost frm my Land of Dreams...!!!!


  1. Land of Dreams sounds like a nice place Yamini... :)

  2. @Rosho writes

    yeah dear....come and visit...you will really feel good...its a promise..!!!


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