June 16, 2009

Making love of nothing at all!

If you know them, you would wonder how they can be together? If you know them, you would truly know how perfect they are together. He was silent and reserved. She is the crazy bubbly kinds.

It was their first outing together. Unfortunately, he still had to work. So she waited on their first day together at his room and was studying with her ipod on full blast. Suddenly, she saw the door open. At that precise moment, one of her favourite songs started playing.

She suddenly leaped off the bed. Papers fell everywhere. She didnt care. He looked on, not really surprised. He was used to such things from her. She gave him one earphone. He raised one eyebrow. She urged him on with her smile. He obliged. A smile on his face. He loved this song too. She put her arms around his shoulders and then slowly, they danced.

They danced their sweet slow dance, with no care in the world. A dance which to the outside world was no more than just gentle swaying. But when she placed her head on his chest, she knew each heartbeat she heard was just for her. When he felt her hands around him, he knew this embrace was one to last forever. Slowly and gracefully, they swayed!


  1. this was just wonderful !! anything real ;) ???

  2. aisa hota hai real life mein? :(

  3. So cute...

    And as Prats asked... what's cookin' eh? ;)

  4. @H
    Aisa hi hota hai real life me :)

    A very good write Rashi... thoughtful... Thanks for sharing :)

  5. awww :-) when i got the update with this title i knew it has to be u :D...i have been listening to this song n times thanks to u :)

    and i love ur cutey pie story as always :)

  6. Hopefully aisa hi ho real life mein.. Nothings cooking except something nice in my kitchen! :P

    I love coochey coo stuff na?

  7. Lovely write... cute..

    but i was expecting some big twist till the end... he he... dunno what made me think like that...


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