June 12, 2009

I am back..with a bang :D


Look at that sentence…it looks incomplete..Yes it surely does…

there should be an “Alhamdulillah” after it…

or may be “finally”

or may be “pheww”

or may be a “screaming me”

but it doesn’t matter..it’s a sentence I wanted to write from ages and ages ago…

or lets be honest…rather let me be honest..a sentence I wanted to write from about a month ago…why??? Because I started studying only a month back…the study u call a CA study…not the usual me reading some case law and remembering those weird names just because they sound…oh so weird…not because they are part of my examination syllabus (hell it’s such a horrible word!!!)

Whatever that sentence is peaceful…very peaceful..Alhamdullillah….

I want to write so many things..

want to tell so many things….

have started hating so many things….

have started loving so many things...

have so many people to blame…

have sooooooooo many people to thanks…

but I am lost…I mean am at a loss of words..Or may be am lost…whichever is true..I hardly care….the point is there are so many things in my mind that I am not able to comprehend them properly.. It feels like that auditing and costing exam.. Everything in my mind and me at a loss of word…or was I lost??? but now i don’t want to comprehend them….why…?? Because I am happy being like this…

Anyways..what am I doing…TALKING STUDIES ON BLOG ….oh God pls…no one …no one among you people is gonna tell me that I have changed….yes I know that’s true..but let’s keep it like “it’s for the good…”

Ok so the main point..exams are over..and my keyboard will be going under severe torcher….:D :D and may be even you guys :P…I have so much to write..but for the sake of this post let’s keep it till exams…

The good thing : they are over…ALHAMDULILLAH

The bad thing: i have screwed half of them…that amount to 3 outta 6 (what math :D)

The good thing: I realize now what Jaimy and Tarun were doing…when they were looking in the books…they weren’t murmuring..oh sure they weren’t….

The Bad thing: I was murmuring and dreaming while doing so :(

The good thing: I learnt the correct definition of the word “HARDWORK”

The bad thing: I feel I have to refresh my memory over the word “LUCK” (it has to be wid me ..has to)

The good thing: I know what FRIENDS mean..i mean all of them..Mom (yes I know I wrote friends) Lian, Angel, Ram, Fatin, Dhir, Shailu, Shanu,….i get emo when I think of u guys ..i mean…

mom thanks for tolerating my extreme behavior…

Lian, Angel..thanks for getting up in the middle of night and encouraging me with the most loving, caring and zealous words..

Ram..Thanks for being in touch..

Fatin..for the miss calls in morning :) it meant a lot….

Dhir..Oh dear I can’t list down how you supported me in my al sudden mood swings…

Shailu…for constantly reminding me that there someone whom I always tend to forget but he does remember :)…

and Finally Shanu..thanks for fighting, scolding, loving , caring, tolerating, encouraging me every time..It showed your care…even when you behaved in those inhumane ways..:P and even in all your gentleman-ness

There are a lot more ppl I missed…I know..i am sorry ppl…blame it on my poor memory over stuffed with those matter written in Arial, 10, black on CA books.

The Bad thing: I wasn’t being in touch..:( I am sorry….and I was being immature and extreme and emo..i am sorry again ….:(

The good thing: I came closer to my extremism

The bad thing: I still think it wasn’t me

The good thing: I have doubled my faith in GOD…and yes it’s because of the exams

The bad thing: I still sin a lot :(

Ahggg…it’s never ending….basically exams alone did a lot of change in me and my life..Besides the BIG BIG changes already happening in my life sans the effect of exams..I know I won’t be able to come at par with the expectations of people around me, this time…but believe me I tried…I miscalculated and then I failed…I am sorry..but I ll do it…if it goes wrong again…and that won’t let you ppl down…

WHAT AM I THINKING…the result aren’t out…that means I STILL HAVE TIME..and Inshaallah I ll pass…:) Don’t you remember ALLAH is all merciful and that God helps those who help themselves…hell…again I am thinking two contrasting statements at the same time :(..Isn’t this insecurity..nah..let’s say it’s the devil’s work..It’s so easy to do that :P..plus it improves your belief on GOD..YAY!!

So anyways…results aren’t out…and it ll take time…till then…aap main aur WL :P


  1. Welcome back! :D
    Good to see you!

    Aap, main aur WL... shaandaar! :D

  2. wow welcome back......
    of late i missed the oldies on the lounge so much
    glad to see u back :)

  3. me too jus finished my exams today... phewwww....
    yup its a huuuuuuge relief....

    n welcome back...

  4. thanks aarthi, myserious gal and arun for welcoming me back :)


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