June 27, 2009


It has been a feeling that is taking to sink
as yet about her, my mind, is out to think.
Even though, she has left me in a lot of pain
to forget, I have tried hard, but it all in vain.

I still think of the days that gave me glee
as in all walks of life, her, I could see.
A smile used to be always be on her face
which am not still been able to efface.

Like a captain, I thought, I could cross any tide
as thought I would have here always by my side.
She was someone who used to be my inspiration
as to work hard, day or night, used to be motivation.

Just when, to work, I thought had the zeal
was to turn my life’s fortune wheel.
Who knew that she would go on her way
by deserting me in an unknown bay.

Since I hadn’t anticipated what was to come
suddenly I got a feeling of being lonesome.
I began to wander hither and dither likes a ghost
and began to look for her as I missed her the most.

Thought never I, that someone sweet as honey
would one day make me go through all this agony.
I just begin to really think and really wonder
whether sending her in my life, God made a blunder.

I know that life without her is not the same
though will remain on my lip her name.
Time has come for me to, in life, move on
and put back what happened in the past as a bygone.

As ends the day and comes slowly the night
in the horizon, her, I don’t see her in sight.
If from God, I were to, ask as a blessing
It would be to end all this suffering.


  1. dude...where do the inspirations come from??? wish i cud write the same...
    sadly my gal thinks m incompetent in charming her...lol..kip it coming

  2. Freelancer, looks like u dont read my stories n listen 2d song!!..they are more than enough 4 inspiration apart frm memories!!

  3. lol...i do read the stories...but i dun comment there.....but nay dnt listen to the songs...hehe...already have them in my ipod


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