June 10, 2009

The Great Indian Train Journey

Ahem....hola folks....Most of you have atleast traveled by train once. Not counting the times with your parents....because its really no fun then...Doing engineering in place away from home has certainly got a few merits. While the journey from Chennai to Guwahati takes a tedious 42 hours......still it's filled with exciting and appalling moments which takes a life of their own too. Traveling with friends is an experience of a lifetime....roaming around the train searching for chicks, playing cards and loafing around, eating anything and everything the food-hawkers(if that's the right word) sell, the occasional fag right under the noses of the overgrown T.C's.
I have named this post the GIT journey because the following took place while i was traveling from Guwahati to Chennai....it started on the morning of the 8th and ended sadly enough....today. Truth to be told this was initially one of the most boring journey i witnessed. But then god has an awesome ability to kickstart a morbid moment into a fascinating one!

Okay the trip till Howrah was completely ordinary. Nothing fell out of the skies, no signs of the UFO's i conjured up to a group of pesky kids who were bothering my afternoon sleep, the usual line of the people attending to their call of nature in the railway tracks. We reached Howrah late at night, the seats opposite to me were devoid of any mortal being. Suddenly a man and a woman entered with their luggage. Judging by the way they were prancing about, irrespective of the disgruntled grunts of the fellow passengers in the the cabin (though i was the lone passenger in the compartment), i gathered as a matter-of-fact and after having done a Ph.D in human emotions.....that they were a happily recently married couple!!!! Gah!!! And even though there were two perfectly empty bunks, they decided to share one!!! i realised it was going to be a long night lol.....

Inspite of being midnight and instead of falling asleep happily the adventures began. I had no idea until the lady(i presume) kept fidgeting about in regular intervals....lol....i won't say that they were making out...but i guess they came pretty close to that! Thank God it was 2-tier AC, the curtains certainly did the job but (un)fortunately, they were not a hindrance to my eyes. And even after knowing that i was present, they were lost in their bliss.....SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE LUCK! MAKES ME WISH I WAS MARRIED....LOL.

Now how do you expect a stud of 21 to react at this moment! Don't for a moment think of saying 'you should have slept off'.....I started feeling uncomfortable....ahem...mostly around my jeans!! Hey don't judge me! Blame it on the hormones. I got up and cleared my throat and mumbled aloud, "you guys carry on! Don't wait for me. Btw you can also use my bunk...its still warm. i won't be coming anytime soon"......lol....and then bolted out.....

Hehe...This is one episode of the Great Indian Train Journey!!!! Its awesome, its pitiful, its beautiful and its hideous.....Hope you guys have such luck....love you all


  1. really enjoyed this .. honest and decent narration !!

  2. he he... u sud ve jus enjoyed the show man...

  3. @ arun....
    lol...laptop mein bhara para hai...lol


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