June 10, 2009

What Next - IX

But Pranjal knew what to say.
He always did.
This wasn't the first time he was facing the face-off in a relationship! She was just another arm candy, and had got to know his secrets now.
It was time to finish off with her, but the dumping will be done by the girl, as always.


  1. ooooohhh...the wicked guy twist :D
    hmmm...m loving this:D

  2. hahaha, wat's d point? agar same ending hota? :P
    and it's because I hate the name pranjal. I know a ^#^&$@!#$! with the same name.
    maybe that's the reason :D

  3. A good twist at the end of it!

    Quite devilish intentions he has! :P

    Lol...something to do with that name...?? :P :P

  4. I love the picture... hee hee :)
    Nice work Miss Sunshine.

  5. @Aarthi
    yes, i hate the name. Cuz i know a ^&$% with the same name.
    I just can't bear a nice guy with that name. :P
    thanks :D

    hehehe, thnx :D

    thanks :D


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