June 11, 2009

Freak Force

A freak force is very huge, its bigger than those crappy sensations you get on a saturday night. It happens sometimes and you know when its there. It comes and goes. SOme people decide to let it die and some people decide to hold the pen. The trick to this freak force is that you have to type real fast. If you start finding keys on your keyboard this force will just puke it's way away. so you got to be fast, real fast and real jammed up. More like a volcano before erruption, the mental state before an orgasm. Things like that. Ya its sexual too, but everything insanely artistic in this world is profoundly sexy. Its gone.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hey i didnt delete any comment :(

  3. lol!
    H, it was me who deleted my own comment!
    I just wrote about what I do under the impusle of freak force, but then thought it has got nothing to do with "speed training", so deleted it!


    But yes, this is awesome:)

  4. Oh dear would so love to read what you do under the impulse of a freak force.. i only named it speed training because thats all that the training says 'use ur freak force' :)

  5. oooh!
    I thought its better not to mention anythin' other than the tag:)
    But I guess writing is one of the things that I do..:)
    Nice to read about it here, you know:)


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