June 11, 2009


This work of mine was written during my last few days in Manipal where I used to regularly go to spend my study holidays while studying in Mangalore. I used to stay at my aunt’s place and after studying from morning till evening, I would stroll around the small ‘city’ that Manipal was. After I left Mangalore in 2004, I never got a chance to go back and relive my days there nor could I visit Manipal. But this work is special as it reminds me of my time there.

Till I put my poem, hope you like the dialogues that will tell you about the inspiration behind the work. The conversation is in a language called TULU and since none will be able to comprehend. I have put the translation in [] brackets!!.. Hope it makes an interesting read to one and all!!

DA=DODDA AMMA ie my aunt [literally means BIG MOTHER or the Hindi equivalent is BADI MAA]
(One Thursday evening, around 5.45 PM, March 2004)

DA- daane maga..pura dina daade maltonditte? [Tell me son, what were you doing whole day?]
C-dalaijji dodamma..revison maltonditte..ithe bejaar avunundu[Nothing much aunt, I was just revising. Now I am feeling bore]
DA-dayyagya? [Why so?]
C-anchane..exam aibokka Bangaloreg povadaata..Kudlata gamathna dina mugiyunduaata..aike [Just like that. Anyways, after exams I have to return to Bangalore. My days in Mangalore are soon ending that’s why]
DA-bejaar avodchi..yepanda visitg balaa!!..[Don’t feel sad. Come for a visit sometime!]
C-bejaar ancha dalajji..ithe daade malpodu avae gotavondijji!![Nothing like that I am sad. Just that I don’t know what to do now!!]
DA-hmmm..enchaaanda ee yelle Kudlag povondulle..malla walk malth balaa!![hmmm..anyways, you are leaving for Mangalore tomorrow..Take a big walk and come!!]
C-odage povodu??.END POINTudu sukhaijji..[Where to go?. There is not much fun at END POINT]
DA-ithe coffee parla..aith bokka KMC GREENS pola..[Have coffee now and then go to KMC GREENS]

(Over dodamma’s filter coffee)
C-Avu olbarpundu??..yaan tuteneijji…[Where does that come? I haven’t seen it at all]
DA-entrance kaital pod naadya..nikke gotapundu..[Go and search near the entrance..You will know]
C-ok..pod barpe..[Ok,I’ll go and come]

(After that I set out towards the entrance that I had passed so many times ,but hadn’t noticed the place. Once I found it, sat for a while and looked around, ideas for a work hit me instantly!!..)

It was simply an awesome scene

to find the grass so lush and green.

As one could hear the birds chirp

one could feel, a beat, skip.

People were just out on a walk

and I was there with none to talk.

Some of them were just having fun

against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Slowly, silently blew the air

and gently ruffled my hair.

Amidst the vehicles yonder passing by

stars began to, slowly, show up in the sky.

One could think, to worries, simply forget

and lay down to sleep on the green carpet.

In a child’s eye, I could clearly see

the enjoyment that had brought it glee.

A scene that lit up the radiant sky

was when one could see the birds fly.

All I could do was to sit and sigh

since I couldn’t fly that high.

As people continued with their enjoying

a few students had come and were studying.

As the night began to slowly come near

few could be seen with someone their dear.

One could feel to forget all the strife

that is present in one’s routine and life.

Hence, as I set to go, I wished I come again

and piece of mind, I try and regain.


  1. Written in tulu.. Impressive. I dunno tulu but i ador the language cuz he *blush* is from mlore.. Wanna learn it..

    Nice effort tho..

    Vanasa anda?? Bhashe ijji.. Nikk marla?? Danembe magga ! :D

    Tats all i kno as of now :p

    keep writing

  2. @blossomblue, amazed tat some1 read it n knows abt TULU!!..glad u’ve a mangy connection ;)..had I been regular, wud’ve taught u d language :D.. await eagerly 4 d work now…

  3. Ya ya m eagerly waiting to learn tulu.. :p

    I keep sayin to my guy
    ee yank mast ishta .. Hehehehe..
    I hope its right :D

  4. @BlossomBlue, i wish i could teach you ;)
    but am seldom online..jsut post and run off!!


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