June 21, 2009

Execution of Consciousness

This poem is about those unfortunate individuals who were beheaded in the Middle East region over the past decade primarily because of Jihad. I think most of you have heard of these incidents through videos uploaded in different extremist websites on the Internet.

. . . .

Staring through a broken window , I saw a boy collecting shells
Holding my swollen elbow , I heard voices coming from other cells
Men wearing turbans, placed a gun a little left of my head
My ears slowly deafened, I saw a forlorn dream of escape

Then came a dark fanatic reciting hymns in Arabic
Sharpening his sword with a smile of a psychic
His eyes spoke of eternal satisfaction

Marching towards an unknown territory
I wondered was it really the end of my story
As they prepared for another execution

They tied my hands with rusted barbwire
I heard them plan and happily conspire
My head was all they ever needed

I watched my fall on a bloodshed empire
I began to understand their desire
For them I was just an half-breed defeated

Somebody hits me on the head with a cold steel bar
I screamed in agony as they burned me with a hot cigar
I got a crash course in pain

The turban head slayer came to me
Made a video tape of my offshore fury
As he shouted "This will take him to heaven"

Screaming in joy the slayer started chopping my throat
Blood started splashing as I was beheaded like a goat
In minutes my head toppled down

I watched my body lie and shiver on a blood drenched floor
My eyes began to close while the fading brain implored
Broadcasting this savage in every town

As my soul watch them upload my beheading video in mpeg format
On youtube, ogrish,al jazeera and other websites of vintage combat
I wonder who is really to blame

As Plato once said "only the dead has seen the end of war"
To witness this end , I believe I really came too far
Only truth is "kill in God's name".

. . . .

Lets hope that these killings will end one day. Thanks all.

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  1. is it about so called "jihadi's" killing innocent...???

    well i do admit that people brand themselves as jihadi's when they are even not aware of the meaning of Jihad...

    for all.. it actually means to strive...strive for anything...in a positive sense..

    if i strive to be tolerant, patient, and a good human being..that's my jihad....

    infact jihad is not even teh word for "war"...but alas...the media and the TERRORIST themselves....

    God curse them...as killing an innocent human being is like killing the entire humanity before GOD...i don't know how they get this guts to term thier inhumane act as JIHAD....

    @all sorry i think i got carried away...it was just for a general understanding...i dont like the word Jihad to be used in place of war and mass destruction in day-to-day life...thats my personal opinion...

    apart from the word jihad..the poem was really touching ...it shows the helplessness of a common man before terrorist...


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