June 17, 2009

@A conversation(continued)

Something told me that my work wouldn’t be commented upon due to some reasons. That’s ok as who likes film songs that too old one’s and stories based out of Mumbai. Despite that am happy that “H”wrote something out here. Will end ‘Raja’s’ story here, as I was somehow not that convinced the way H treated it at the end. Here goes….

Are you through my Dil Ki Rani?..haila!!.i never knew that a super star like you knew so much profanity!!
I am no longer your ‘Dil Ki Rani’. Besides I spoke what was on my mind.
Hmmmm..cant help. Being Page 3 demands it naa. Just wondering if someone wrote those lines and you blurted it out. Am amazed that you’ve really grown from a small child to an adult!!...So whats till younger feeling??.Try to become another KAREENA?
Iam not going to answer of any of your questions. Don’t ever contact me again.Thats it..
Accha?.(Is it?) (Begins to sing …

(Suddenly he chokes…)
What happened to you now dude?..You’ve been drinking right?
Why are you bothered Rani?..All that matters for you is that I die so that we never act with each other,your fans and awards that you proudly stock it up in on your showcase.
YES!!!..thats the new me!!And now let me go. I am getting late.
Is 10.30 late for anyone in a city like Mumbai?
Iam flying to NYC for an outdoor tomorrow. So,wont be in Mumbai for another month!!
Go ahead..Anyways, one day or the other, you will’ve to come back here.Lets see then what will happen.Happy journey!!..

(She cuts the call..He signals the waiter for a ‘repeat’ and laughs to himself for having got into this mess).


  1. The art of story telling lies in the right mix of objectivity and subjectivity. Though you may differ, I am not completely happy with the way you say you ended the story. would have been happier if you would continue. When you write a continuation to a story the direction of the story is not under your control anymore.I never said I ended the story.

    About the post, I think you are repeating content...all your posts continually emphasize the fact that rani is famous. so it kind of makes it a repetition. as for the songs I couldnt watch them as you tube is blocked. sorry for that dude.

    Just my opinion :)

  2. @H,thanks 4 ur words..d only reason i ended it was coz looked like u ended it in ur post..else wud've surely gone on n on!!!

    n d reference being made 2 rani n her fame is coz its largely based out a real story..else wudnt have go onto contribute 2 tis thread!!

  3. abt d songs,GOOGLE them up n listen 2 it!!..else let me knw..will mail u d links 2u!!


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