June 20, 2009

A Complicated Thought On A Simple Life

Greetings all fellow WL members... After a long pause since the invite, I have finally arrived to WL with this post that was written a long time back (Feb 6, 2008).

Thanks to all my best friends here, Vinay, Mehr, Kaj, Ste, Vinz, Sid (Riversoul), Thoorika and RV.

One of my friends and a fellow blogger asked me to try and answer an earlier question of mine.

Life, oh life, why are you so simple for us to complicate?

Hmmm... I don't know if I can answer this question but in trying to do so, I have had a strange thought that I would like to share. Let us assume that life is too complex for us to understand or to live with. Every decision we have to make has to go through a much rigorous process and approvals. Based on the people we surround ourselves with, we may get pretty good advice and would be leading a life where every challenge, how hard it may seem, will have a plan made out by our protective group.

Our self thinking would stop and we would be asking our peers for guidance and approval for any solution or action that we intend to do. Even if we think for ourselves and decide on something, it has to be approved by the peers cos life is too complex for us to decide by ourselves. There would be help-desks filled with people to guide our life at every corner & crossroads of our life.

We lose all that is special about every one of us and become just part of the system. All our tasks and goals would be directed and served for us to just execute. Some of us may even prefer that kind of life in order to escape the hurts and regrets that we share in our present lives. It maybe be more safer than the current way of simple life as even if things go wrong, there is a group of people to take the blame for and support us back to normalcy.

Compare that to a life of simplicity where we can choose the level of dependency we want in our life. A chance to take pride in ourselves when our decision works out well and an equal chance in facing the consequences when things fall apart always proves to be an adventure. The uncertainty, the confusion, the excitement and the adventure; all the attributes of a simple life would be too great to be missed.

For all that a simple life is, it suits a guy like me who likes to make his own path through a jungle than to walk in a well paved & restricted road, directed by traffic life wardens on either side. A complicated life maybe too simple to live with but it is only for those who never intend to be independent. Despite the ups & downs of a simple life, I cannot imagine myself in a different way of life and though I crib a lot about it, I must admit that I always try to enjoy this rollercoaster ride of my life.


  1. Apt title.. Complicated Thought on a simple life.. !

  2. Me too hav a similar outlook on life... especially when life presents with dejected moments...
    Nice article dude...

  3. welcome to WL !! and a perfect post ! really worth reading and pondering over !!

  4. yeah! agree with Pratsie...

    its was complicatingly simple :D :D

    welcome to WL bro...

  5. Welcome! I'm roshwrites AKA Rosh... hope to see more of your writes here!


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