June 20, 2009


Dear all,
This poem had no story as such behind writing it unlike the rest of my works. It can be termed as an appeal of sorts to GOD to make something happen. But before going to the poem, I thought I include a small narrative so that the poem maybe understood in a better manner.
(He is reflecting, obviously on the past…)
Whats happening to me?..What has made me like this?..Earlier, I never used to step into a bar. I would make fun of those who drank Then,when I started and it was just once a while. That time it used to be beer and that too a PINT!.How I “graduated” to liquor, God only knows. For economic reasons, that was the best time pass and that too when I had money, I hardly needed a reason.
She knew I used to drink. I wanted her to make me leave it. All she said was that I drink to my limits and that she had no objections to it as her father too drank! One night, she told me that the next time we went out, she wanted to try a BREEZER! But when we went out, we fought and that was the last time I saw or heard from her.
(Remembers this song especially the 2nd stanza…

Oh God!. I have finished a half now! And I need to go home also. Iam feeling hungry as well. God knows what amma would have prepared. When she was there, all I wanted was to eat what all she prepared. Even if she mixed arsenic instead of salt, I would have had it gladly. But now, I am slowly poisoning myself each time I take a sip.Her friends must have told her about it. Yet, she wants to act ignorant. If only she comes back……
(Over to the work…)

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