May 10, 2009

Would you?

Would you take my hand,

and allow me to be thine..

Would you take me in your embrace
Caress me with your alluring gaze

Would you feel my breath

and fill my soul with your endearing warmth

Would I tingle under your touch

and see my body with desire, flush

Would you burn with desire

For our togetherness, would you aspire?

Would your lips melt against mine

Awakening those emotions unknown

Would you hold me tonight

Shade me with your comfort

Share your love, a delight

Baby, would you?


  1. oh! that was so much romantic !! liked this write!!

  2. hey gal, i saw u asked about Acrostic poetry in Tan's poem... here is the link :

    Hope to see acrostics from you soon !!

  3. Passionately beautiful! luvd it! wonderful work! Keep 'em coming! :)

  4. @ Prats,

    Thanks for the link girl.. Will check it out..
    I believe you are having some difficult time here in the Lounge, thanks to that guest..
    Don't let frivolous people affect you.. Lest atleast when that person choses to hurl insults at you behind a mask..

    So Enjoy.. (Sounds crazee na, coming from a new lounger, advising an old lounger, sowie.. But just had to tell ya this)

  5. @ freelancer,

    Thanks dude

    @ Mav,

    Getting inspired by you guys.. Thanks buddy..

  6. Yes I would

    Hehehe.. Itne pyaar se pooch rahi ho! ;) Awesome work :D

  7. hey ... that was so sweet of you !! n wats this new n old lounger ?? we are all same here :)

  8. and good luck with acrostics .. u will like them i bet :)

  9. awww....the most beautiful emotion on this earth, more beautifully potrayed...:)

    i'm sometimes jealous of the ppl writing much of mush in them...the only thing I cant write about..uhuhuh:(
    Loved your post:)

  10. this was sooooo good! my heart melted reading this..

  11. Wow soo damn romantic..
    Loved it.. Awesome poetry :)

  12. nice read....very romantic...good goin..

  13. @ Ms. R,
    Well m straight so far :D..

    @ Prats,
    Will definitely try acrostics, once M a little more free

    @ Rose,Kajal, Blossom (your name's Vasudha, rite?) and Arun

    Thanks a ton guys for being there!!

  14. Superb!! Loved it!!

    Romance at its best!! :)




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