May 5, 2009

We are one

Pre-script: The pain of parting is the most painful. I have tried to pen my thoughts on a parting couple head over heels in love with one another in my latest post "One Lifetime is not enough" on my blog I am sharing a lil deviated micro version of the same here. Being one of the founders of WL, I don't advise using this space for personal blog promotions. But by the end of this post mentioned above on my blog "yeM Bee yAe", I couldn't help but shed a few tears. I could feel the pain of the protagonist. The pain was excruciating. I was in desperate need for a hug. And the next moment I was at WL to share it with you. Because this is my family, my home, my space, my canvas.

Her: Why this pain of parting? Why does this world stop us from uniting? Why can't we reach out despite the knowledge that we are soul mates?
Him: We can. Just stretch you hand.
Her: Why are you so far away? You are fading away. How will I sleep without dreams? Don't go away dear.
Him: Where can I ever go Appu? I am always there with you, besides you, for you. In every little thing you do. In your every decision. In your every smile. In your every tear. In your every joy. In your every step. Walking with my fingers entwined in yours. I am there wherever you are. Because from the moment I fell in love with you, I had ceased to be me. I was "you". And there is no "you" without "me". There can never be "me" without "you".


  1. awww ...u literally brought tears in these frozen eyes :-( memories
    But still ur my magician and remember that forever :D

  2. a parting couple head over heels in love with one another

    I couldn't help but shed a few tears

    The pain was excruciating

    I was in desperate need for a hug

  3. why am I not getting myself to write anything?

    Why can't I form any words or phrases to write here as a comment?

    Why is my hand trembling as I type this?

    Why am I 'SPEECHLESS'? (and its not a joke this time)

    Can't thank you for penning it down. Don't know if I am glad I read this!! or if I am going a little know it all...

    but for the sake of a comment; 'Sandeep, this was a masterpiece!! The best that you've written so far. It is the test of a writer to write something that painful painful..that by the time you are done writing, your pen sheds tears and your eyes bleed!!'

    should I publish this comment or delete it?

    I will publish it.. I am off to your blog to read the post once again...

  4. Hey Sandeep. That was a heart to heart. I've experienced so much of sadness in love. Thanks to parting. Thank you so much for penning it down. Sometimes its wonderful to be reminded of things that are fading. It keeps the memories and sparks alive. Thank you once again.

  5. That was one hell of a lovely piece Sandeep... Small but striking....


  6. *masterpiece* I nods!

    i know the pain guru!
    it lingers on... !!

    and yes seconding Cn, you touched the chords somewhere... delightful!!

  7. how do u manage to think of all this dude !! speechless :)


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