May 27, 2009

To YOU, from ME!

He does not need any introduction. He is everyone's favorite here at the lounge...the king of humour... Arjun!

Its his birthday today...!!

I feel for you da and that is why I am writing this dedicat
ion. I have made a lot of mistakes da and I have hurt you immensely.

When I say that 'I understand'...I don't say it just for the sake of it. Believe me, I say it because I mean it.

After what all happened between us, I feel I have lost my best friend. Yes, you were one for me. I know you are hurt. But its your birthday today and I do not want to see my best friend sad!

To read this dedication or not is entirely your wish.

I really want to wish you a very very happy
birthday da! :) I have tears in my eyes while writing this.

God bless you with everything that you deserve and much more. I have often heard you saying that you are not the lucky one. Trust me, you are!! A gem at heart!!

I don't know what else to write and I can't see the keyboard anymore...

A very happy birthday to you. God bless you!

I send a big hug to you on your birthday... I hope you understand!! Take care...

I had told you that I would be in Bangalore for your birthday. I might not be in Bangalore today...but I am there right besides you!!
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  1. happy bday to him from my side too!
    all the best bro!
    tc and god bless

  2. :) :)

    happy birthday oye birthday boy... :D ak 47 aaj chhupa di hai.. aish kar ja.. :)

  3. Happy b'day Arjun.....
    Nd Artz dont worry..... everythin will be fine.....

  4. Now.. I almost can't see the keyboard.. :)

    U r my biggest and the bestest B'day present ever Aarthi..!! U realise that i know.. :)

    .. After last night.... God...Aarthi.. Love u... Love u for writing this :) :)

    Sorry for all that i have done to u .. :)

    Now, can i see another Happy Post please... for me... :) :) pls... :)

    And thank u all...Pulkit, Kajal- The admin madam and Dr. Kumar..!!


  5. @ Arjun,

    :) :) :) :) :)
    Am going speechless now...
    HAppy Birthday da chells... Take care of yourself!

    Have a super duper happy wala birthday! :)

    Yes, a happy post for your birthday is on its way dear!!


  6. Happy B'day Dude !! Have lotsa fun :)

  7. Awww.. Love this dedi.. God Bless your Friendship ever :)

  8. dude....whrs the party??? btw happy bday...hehe....kitna buddha ho gaya?

  9. Happy birthday Arjun :) Njoi maadi da !!

  10. Thanks to each one of u.. :)

    Freelancer.. 22 years man.. getting AGED.. wat to do :P

    Party uh?? Come down to b'lore.. :)


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