May 27, 2009

Princess Sonshu has something to say...

Today was the first day of my school. Of 10th std. And oh it was tiring and hectic. We had 3 math periods. So you must know im in spikes now. I know these days are theme days but i thought i should inform you. Basically i will be less active and probably post only once in two weeks. I might not even post for a moth in July as i will have my term exams. As u all know i will have BOARD EXAMS on March 2010 and my teachers have started loads on first day and we have tests twice a week. So its going to be a helluva experience. And i want to score my best so im going to study a lot.

I will not be regular but i'll try my best to post. Im sure ill be back after tenth with a bang..then ill give TWL my full attention. Till then its going to be LESS!

So really sorry if i disappear suddenly and dont post something for a while. You should understand its just that Sonshu's teachers are loading her and she's studying. I hope you all will stand by me through this ride.

Till later....



  1. Hey Sonshu,

    I do understand dear! And its okay!

    All the best to you!

    Study well and make us all proud! :)

    Love and blessings,

  2. All the best Princes..!!!

    Make your family here...feel proud of you..!!!!

    Dont worry yaar....we are always with any doubts...ask...!!!!

  3. awwweeeeeeeeee :) happy studying!! :) first things first..

  4. STUDY pehle! TWL ki pehli member banna with good marks..
    baaki sab nikkammmmmeeee hain ;)
    and we're gonna miss you, so thoda thoda aate rehna!

  5. we understand li'l one !! :)

  6. It's ok! I understand where you're coming from. We had exams all of last week and it's been really hectic and all the teacher's are nagging us and there are still more exams. Here we have exams in everything! Even piano playing, which I have no clue about :P

  7. @Roshwrites: Hmm..i know to play the yaay! well its easy!

  8. we understnd that..all d best sonu :)

  9. ouuh, Princess everyone here is cool..... so just study good.... and be back at your ease.

    Keep smiling and studying love :)

  10. Gonna miss u sonshu......
    All the very best for ur studies.....


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