May 10, 2009

Thanks for being there Mom!!

For those unspoken words
Through those swinging moods
During those deepest wounds
Thanks for being there, Mom

For giving an ear
During those growing years
For wiping my tears
Thanks for being there, Mom

For the words of courage
During the pain and its bondage
To calm the rising rage
Thanks for being there, Mom

For the faith so firm
‘Shall not bring thy shame’
That you believe and affirm
Thanks for being there

For the love so abundant
From a person so benevolent
“Thank you, Lord for such a present”
Thanks for being there, Mom.

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  1. wow!! Happy Mother's Day.. Sheena :)

  2. @ Kajal,

    Too late, still wish your Mom too a happy mother's Day!!

  3. happy mother's day to ur mom! :D

    i already wished at ur blog i think so not too late! :D

  4. @ Leo,

    Yes, thanks for all those wonderful comments and yes the wishes also.. :D

  5. Good wishes to you n my regards to your mom :)

  6. to all mom's happy belated mother's day...:p


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