May 10, 2009


I was driving back to home! It was drizzling! such a hectic long jam and some Idiot was giving horn continuously, I looked Into the rear mirror to see the driver behind!


She was sitting in the back seat! Smiling! I turned My face! I was all alone the next moment sitting in my car on a lonely road!!


  1. woho! this getting scary now :) bing more Pulkit :)

  2. bang on target !! perfect word count and still scarry !! and mysterious too !! hows ya dear ?

  3. thats scary...buhuhahaha !!

    i remember a video on not wearing seat belts on back car meets an accident , ghost glass phod ke bahar girti hai bt the driver is safe as she was wearing seat

    sorry bro, story spoil karne ka bilkul intention nahi tha !!

    looking forward for more..bring it on !!

  4. @ kajal - would continue this after exams from 22 :)
    thanks for the comments dear!

  5. @ pratsie - hey dear! whats up? glad to have u here in comment box of my work after such a long time,.... hope the trip to home was fine!
    Me fine! just busy with exams till 22nd!
    would return after that....


    THANKS A TON! I AM SO SO GLAD SOMEBODY TOOK THE 55 FICTION LABEL of the post seriously and apreicated the effort to mark a "55" from my end ;)

    thanks pratsie! tc god bless!


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