May 10, 2009

P.S| i LoVe yoU

Winnie got it right on her last post.....the magic of Love is never really lost. It just gets forgotten by the passage of time....It took me a love letter i wrote to my gal 3 years ago to remind me of this. This is my open apology to her....and my open letter to the love of my love. Thanx for being patient and for everything else you have given me, my love.

A lot has changed with the passing of time, i have changed a lot right in front of your eyes....maybe more than you. maybe afterall am a guy...they do change faster, adjust faster. But if there is one thing constant in this spiralling orbit of mine...then baby, its you.

This is something which i wrote to my gal when we were apart for a year....

"you are my jaan
you are my darling...
you are my soul, 
you are my everything

i am only yours
and you are just mine...
you are my gal, my best friend...
my forever valentine.

hold on to me honey
don't let me go.
be by my side...
and just let the love flow...

i am searching for a word
to let you know
how much i love you...
but i can't really show.

anyway or the other
believe me its true
when i tell you darling...

P.S| Just to let you know babes.....these words still hold true....forever beyond ever....


  1. Whoa! You're a true romantic at heart! I truly hope your love blossoms with your girl :)


  2. As Bhargav has said u r a true romantic in heart...

    Its true what u've said...Love always remains...but its the lovers who get lost in passage of time...

  3. Hmmmm...
    How I wish someoned would say the same to me..

    You are a great poet dude!!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That was sooo sweet. So Mr Freelancer is a die hard romantic too. Lucky gurl ;)

  5. that was sweet:)
    lucky gurl :)
    well long distances are a pain sometimes, but its no harm showing the other person how much you love and care:)
    keep pouring in the romantic thoughts, may be someone reads them..amen :D

  6. and are an absolute romantic:)
    I don call that anyone who's is love...only few ppl get the are the third one :P:P:P

  7. lovelyyyyyyyyyy :) Freelancer, loved to know your flavor of mush ... too from the heart :)

  8. whoa !! another die hard romantics in the family ??? ah! this is one emotion i never write well !! but i just adore such sweet writes !!

  9. Loved it! Hope she reads this soon! Amen! :D



  10. mridu!!!is it lucky gal m i lookin at in every comment???

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. wel!!!m realy thankfl to u for bein wit m adjustin my ruthless ways of torture n i hav bin madly in love n m sorry i ant help it!!!pls bear wit u forever!!


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