May 21, 2009

Ste vs Sandeep!

Pre-script: Ste is preparing for his examinations and Sandeep is at his usual best. He tries to irritate Ste and the result is this conversation.

Sandeep: Kya kar raha hai mere chhotey...?
Ste: Ghaans kaat raha hu!
Sandeep: Apni book ke saath ghaans kaat-ing?
Ste: Tu bol na re lambe tera kaam kya hai?
Sandeep: Chal bata java ke do naye versions kaunse hain...
Ste: Kya baat kar raha hai? Kaunse?
Sandeep: So simble, MarJava MitJava!
Ste: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

:P :P :P :P

P.S.: You'll be reading stuff like this the whole day guys! Pile up your frustrations and see me on gtalk! :P


  1. mar jaava mit jaava.. waaaaaaaaaaah! hahaahahahaha

  2. Baap of all PJs! Aap mahaan ho Aarthi jee! :D

  3. hahaha...!!!

    whe i saw the question...i was wondering abt the answer tooo...coz i dint know abt any updated versions..!!!

  4. Lol, Lol, Lol... How did you come u with that *still laughing*

  5. haha haha!!

    yeah how did u come up with this? so cute :D


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