May 21, 2009


(Image - PROXY PALS - shishir singh and pranshu shukla )

thats a direct post from the pages of my Diary that I shared with my orkut friends long time back...

21st july 2008 - sem 3 starts, we three... me and my two frns(whose pic is with me in account) starts the class and here this SSDC proffessor enters... first question he puts up to me sitting on first row, "what was the intention behind ur choosing EC as branch?", i give a long reply in full proof stylo english about ambitions and aspirations of mine in electronics... then i notice that he hardly got clue of my vocab and was never listening after 20 seconds of my start of the reply..
then he makes a circuit... and places a battery, inverted as to what it was meant to be (in a CB configuration diagram) [ULTI BATTERY] what the hell? i stand up and ask the question and then he rubs the B OF CB and write E , it becomes CE.. and smiles and says i was just testing u all... (what the hell? half of the output circuit is still same, this is again a wrong diagram... ) then he goes on to dictate the theory and neither am i able to hear the clear pronunciation of his voice and nor i am sure if he is speaking the right thing.. then he questions me as to if i am trying to become oversmart after getting 68 in basic electronics(in first sem), dont know how he knew that? and then that horrible first lecture of SSDC ends.. i see the book and horrified at the tough diagrams, decides to voluntarily study it without any help from this hopleless teacher... to pass to learn and to get my frns pass... then....
in the rest of sem... things became from worse to worst...
this teacher was such a non dominating and totally confused fellow, people started clapping in his classes .... to make his fun and on top of this, u know what he kind of enjoyed this claping... and then in every next class of SSDC.. me makes a statement "jyada padoge toh jyada number aayengey" and :dus marks ka yeh question hai, samjhee!! dus ka dum" and me and my two frns (now from the last seat,, our usual destination) replying back to the teacher "WAH! kya pyaari baat kahi hai, SUBHANALLAH!" and then to follow up... "whole class would clap" .... look at this! and then now comes my record...

classes in the sem :
attended :
attendance present in :
36 (courtesy shishir singh(one who always use to say subhanallah! after my wah! , present in my account album,more than a frn to me in college, my voice, my strength, and in SSDC, my proxy)
where is me? ? usually in canteen in SSDC classes or if sitting(rarest of rare) then eating someone's tiffin in the last seat...!! and that too infront of teacher's eyes... now the result : studies SSDC always in the morning of exams, just learnt diagrams and working mein" one principle learnt and then ussi ko active and passive mein badal badal k ans ko lamba kar do" and then got 18,21,20 in 3 sessionals out of 30(and that too when i knew most of the questions before the exam,now dont ask how?
and then today attempted paper of 70 maks, might land up at 50 ... to 60 as usually i am very certain and write ans properly in external but bas back bach jaaye then i wont complain, that i have promised to myself... i am a contented human being as far as getting marks is conecrned/... so clear rahun hamesha! and PROUDLY class mein aisa hi behaviour rakhun... saumya and susheel(polite and sincere)... bas yahi wishes chahiya aap logon ki...

************************************************************************************* As I look back the diary... there is a smile on my face! got 42 In SSDC.... I remember this story cos yesterday in my second last exam of fourth sem I encountered the same prof of SSDC as the invigilator in a diffferent college!


  1. Good one !! guess it happens wd us all :)

  2. could relate it in some points.. :P

  3. couldnt relate to it except for being last benchers !

    funny none the less! thats how life is!

  4. @ pratsie - thanks for the comments sis!

  5. @ .a. - thanks for the comments!

  6. seems u 3 are the only people reading me now ....


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