May 11, 2009

Marriage Wows

Anky and Pan were quite excited about their impending marriage. And when the marriage day came they couldnt help kissing each other and hugging tight after following marriage wows were exchanged:

"Anky and Pan, you have come together for many reasons. You have decided that being together will enrich your lives. You have decided that whatever challenges may lie ahead for you, they can be met more easily with your shared love for each other. You know that your joy will be enhanced because of your commitment to each other.

You are now taking into your care and keeping, the welfare and happiness of the one person, in all the world, whom you love best. You are agreeing to be a light and strength to each other. You are entering into an act of pure faith in which you give yourself to the utmost.

Marriage is more than just an acknowledgement of existing love or an expression of hope that love will last. In marriage, people exercise their uniquely human power to shape their world according to their will. Two people may come together and come to love each other by chance. But when they marry, every day thereafter they make and act on the choice to stay together and continue to love one another. "


  1. So very true..

    But many a times relationships don't go beyond the vows... Only very few get lucky

  2. here's hoping tht the words speak true for every couple which speaks them!!!

  3. good one !! so true :)

  4. badhiya......but unlike you actually... :s... wassup dude..!

  5. Wow! Loved it Sam! :)



  6. you know what? I am so gonna read this out to few married couples I know of personally.. they need to read it.. for heaven's sake! let me start with my ever-on-war couple in the neighbourhood... thank you for this post!


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