May 12, 2009

Smile Valley High

"Melissa, Angela, come on get ready for the tryouts. Get your teams." Ms fuler shouted. "All these years you both have been cheer leading for opposite teams, against each other but now we are going to have only one team as the school will now compete against other schools. So there will be one captain and one vice captain."

"Angela kiss your dreams goodbye darling because no one beats Meli!" Melissa sneered at Angela

"You wish Melissssssaa!" Angela hissed

"Come on Melissa show me your routine." Fuler shouted.

Melissa put on the music and began her routine. She did the twists and turns and jumps and even cartwheels. Everyone cheered and people mumbled that she was invincible.

"Good Melissa, now Angela!" the coach shouted.

Angela began her routine of jumping and dancing like a ballerina, she even rolled and hopped. The best part was that people were so confused. Both the girls were extremely good. Angela finished her routine and sat back. Then the rest of the team showed theirs and Ms Fuler announced that the results will be up by lunch

"Angela, you rocked it!" a girl shouted from the stands "But Melissa was better..."

Angela frowned and walked away. She thought "Ho! I dont care!"

"So here is the staff room. Thats the games room." Justin said showing Stella. "Now we have to go out for the courts. Come on."

"Okay! Thanks Justin its been nice of you." Stella said sweetly.

"Oh im not doing it for anything but that my teacher told me to." he said frowning.

They walked outside where all the bikes and cycles were parked.

"That building is the library and there is the courts." Justin said.

"Oh ok" stella said and moved a bit back to get a clearer view. Just as she was moving, a car came from the opposite direction in high speed. He was almost about to dash Stella. But Stella wasnt looking.

"Stella!!" Justin screamed and moved front to pull her back. He grabbed her and pulled her as they both fell towards the ground. Stella on top of Justin. They looked into each others eyes. He looked at her tensed face and blue eyes. She glared at his deep green eyes. They looked so perfect to each other.

"Uh im sorry!" Stella said getting up.

"Uh..Um...Its okie!" Justin mumbled still lost.


In lunch all the students are stuck to the bulletin board. They are looking at the results. Melissa comes in and takes a look at it. She's shocked. Angela comes and stands beside her smiling.

"But how this isnt possible" Melissa screams!

"It is darling! I am the cheerleader captain and you are vice!" Angel said happily and walked away....


  1. Loved the Justin-Stella chemistry! :)

    And Melissssssa poor you! :P

    Waiting for the next one...



  2. oh oh !! here the plot deepens into relationships !!! cool!!

    go on!!

  3. I have missed the entire series.. will read it all together tonight.. :D


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