May 12, 2009

Some last words ....

I aint no angel,
I aint no saint,
I aint as good
as you paint.

I make mistakes
I hurt my frirends,
I even apologise
to world's ends.

I care for one and all
I cry for other's pain
and I even act rude
but never for my gain.

I thought a hell lot
I sat awake all night
but i still dnt know my folly
I speak no lie.

Dear Guest, i know you will be very happy. and i make a lot of friends angry with me now... but i have it enough !! I cnt read all that written about me any more.. I accept i am a coward .. i cnt fight a faceless entity !! I have done my share of mistakes.. we all do ! but i dnt want to talk of anything in public.. u know where to reach me Guest... just for once let me know what was my mistake !!

I QUIT !! I have removed myself from the blog now..
It was a pleasure to meet you all and write so much here !!