May 12, 2009

A Quick Hi !

hey guys...

this is a quick post..a very quick one..i have been so outta lounge that i ll hardly believe if some of you still rem'ber me ..hehehehehe....

anyways.. i am hell busy...but i do keep visiting lounge..a comment here and there...or may be no comments...but i do read...proof??

i know Princess shonshu writes like a 14 yr old...but is extremely good and her Smile school is too good :)

i know freelancer who studies in Satyabhama..God even ma bro knows about him :P

i know Kajal is MoM..well she was supposed to..a regular lounger and a darling...who else can be at par wid her..

i don't think the LoL results are announced..

i know its Mohita's b'day...Happy b'day dearie...though i don't know u....but have an image of you as a sweet gal :)

i know Prats is back..and though she was at home..she managed a few post...once some other person posted on behalf of her..Oh god lounge is so non-experiment-poetic w/out her :D :D

i know Illusion is a sweet gal...happened to talk to her :)

and i know a lot of stuff...and a LOT i missed...above all i miss u guys :( :( :(

y am i here??? 4 ds quick post and to give u all guys a look at what i had on ma b' was pretty boring..considering all frnds are locked up in their room and i was at home..still ma bro managed a few stuff and we family of 5 enjoyed...have a look....

Not much stuff huh??

well half of the things mom prepared...and ppl ate as soon as it was cudn get the original pic of lot of things :(

anyways hope u enjoyed our small gathering.. :)

P.S. i know its so mean of me to come here and write just about my b'day :( but so solly..cant help it..i ll b back in full form soon inshaallah... :)


  1. Hi from a new blogger! Happy belated birthday. Hopefully you can get blogging soon, Inshallah :)

  2. hey gul ... Prats here ... so sorry i missed ur bday :(

    happy belated bday swt hrt .. hows studies going on ??

  3. Hi from sonshu! Happy belated brthdaay!

    Thnx for what u said bout me! Hope to see u blog soon

  4. Can somebody invite me back here...I used to write at this place but became inactive due to my board exams....but now I'd like to contribute if the admin would be nice enough to invite me, I would be honored...

    my email is


  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! the pics are nice.. hope to see you in WL soon:)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Gul,

    Back to blogging soon...i pray! :)



  7. heya....happy belated birthday??? ur bro...knows meh????

  8. dearest!

    we missed you too :( but more than that i wish if you pass ur exams, amen.

    Love to your younger sister
    and her elder sister :)

  9. this was one of the cutest posts I have read in a long long time.. wonderful! belated birthday wishes girl.. and the food is sooooooo yummy..

    all the best for your studies!! :D


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