May 5, 2009

Smile and life

Excerpt from a random chat conversation with Nab!!

My smile isnt dependent on anyone
my smile isnt a mask
My smile is innocent
My smile is naughty
it radiates from heart and to the face
and sometimes the other way around
Think of it
when we were small
a balloon
a flower
a butterfly
and the way we fixated with it
It was our everything
our happiness
then the balloon burst
flower died
the butterfly flew away
we were sad
but for how long?
We then started colouring the books

People make their entire lives about things outside themselves. Other people, other things. I refuse to do that. Yes, I'm in one of those days that I wanna say "Damn you, world. Bring it on."

Life, I challenge you to do whatever. I shall bounce back and make sure that all my sweethearts out there do the same. :)

I shall not put my white flag out. Try me.

On a related note,
Sorry for publicising this but I would love it if people could read this on my blog.


  1. that's what I'd call 'Getting even with life' :D

  2. wow gal....seriously i wish we always realize this....remember i was telling u the price of growing up is smile we pay.....a child smiles 400 times a day and we just 40 smiles...i guess too much of a price....but i guess we shd kick life sometimes and say what the heck...i will smile even if u dont want me to :)
    Love ya babes

  3. hmm! :)
    keep smiling baby! :)

  4. :)



    smiles speak better than words..!!

  5. i love d attitude n d poem speaks a lot n u knw what my answer was to this...

  6. kudos for this write !!


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