May 6, 2009

Random Expressions

A to Z is not what it was supposed to be..... The world has changed...and so has the alphabets...
Lets see the new expressions that usurped the apples and the balloons...

  • A- for "Aaaargh".....the sound that comes out when you are so frustrated that you would gladly love to bang your head on the wall.
  • B- for "Bleh"...this word doesn't require any definition...bleh!!
  • C- for "Chee"....indian version of expressing disgust....rampant among the female species.
  • D- for "Duh!!!".....the syllable you say when you try to act as if you are full of
  • E- for "Eeww!!".....hybrid cousin of Chee
  • F- for "FCUK".....the most favourite word of the world....can mean anything...uttered everywhere, anywhere, anytime. the only word to have multiple meanings
  • G- for "Gah!!!"....sounds funny, but yea this is what comes out when you act as if you don't believe a word the other like now if you don't believe me.
  • H- for " Huh???"....the word that comes out when you are surprised as if someone told you a love story was brewing between your friends right under your nose....
  • I- for "iissshh"....typical gal lingo...doesn't mean anything
  • J- for "Jeez".....comes out when someone blows your mind out
  • K- for "kewl" word for cool that should be added by Oxford
  • L- for "Lol" one needs to explain this...i, for one suffer from the lol-ing
  • M- for "mmmm"....the utterly delicious sound you make while licking a vanilla ice-cream or having a bite of zinger burger in
  • N- for "Nah"....but actually means yes when you say it in a different tone with a lost puppy look...
  • O- for "Oh!!"....yea that's the self realization hitting you reminding you that you are bestowed with all the stupidity in the galactic vastness and currently jobless and hence reading this
  • P- for "phew!!!".....the sound of relief spreading over your face much like the way you leak in your pants after hours of controlling....
  • Q- for ______..."fill it up running out of expressions"
  • R- for "rubber".....the most useful thing needed while drawing as well as for........(i will probably let your imagination run free)
  • S- for "ssshhh!!!"...the sound you mutter to your amigo when you are most probably trying to do something illegal and desperately avoiding getting caught
  • T- for "tring tring"...the very sound of your cell...though it has been substituted by the cacophony of different noises termed as ringtones....
  • U- for "U" in you, coz without you am not alive
  • V- for "viva la rasa".... i have no idea what it means
  • W-for "wow"...when you look at yourself in the mirror and know that you are the sexiest of all and welcomed with applause much to chagrin of those who are consumed by bitter
  • X- for "XXX"....i guess i don't have to tell the lads what this
  • Y- for "yo!!"....once used to be a certain way of greeting...rapidly becoming fad now
  • Z- for "zzzz"....this is what am best in....zzzz

P.S| the readers are asked not to criticize the writing style or the budding writer might go up in


  1. Hilarious!

    I would definitely give it a second read.

  2. I like your sense of humor dude :D

  3. coming from you guys....means a lot...

  4. @ Ms. R
    thanx a ton...myou made my evening

  5. Hehehe.. Nice to know I ended up 'making' someone's evening ;) I wanna see more of you around here. :D

  6. i suffer from the lol-ing syndrome too :D

    Q for erm, Quh-Quh ... when you choke ;)

  7. i use 18 of these expressions frequently....
    must have taken some time to archive them... :-)

  8. iieessshhhh could mean a lot of things too :)

    cheers to you for this one!! :)

  9. @ at all....
    had 3 hours of time today during my exams...this is the

  10. @ .a.
    heyy nice yaar...y didn i think f dat!!!!

  11. heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!intrestin

  12. Kool !! n Q is for Queue !!!


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