May 27, 2009

My Crimson Love

Screaming shores of crimson blood
I’m drowning in the rising flood
Crimson light falls on my soul
The crimson hurt takes its toll.
Set ablaze a crimson sky
with a fire no one can pacify
When dusk falls on a crimson lie
my crimson soul will slowly die.
A crimson drop falls on my heart
of a crimson blood so sweet,
Slowly it fills my crimson eyes,
with crimson tears of deceit.
How crimson is your beauty now
in your crimson blood I see
No more crimson words or feelings
in you are left for me.
Crimson pain for my crimson soul
and a crimson wound for my heart
as I witness the death of a crimson love
when my crimson love departs.


  1. wow..

    intense and with emotions.. great work..

  2. Long time, bro! gr8 to c da same intensity back here.....awesomely crafted poem! of my fav colours....u did all justice nd more to its essence! luvd it! :)

  3. Happy to see u back Adi :)

    Loved your poem !!

  4. missed your writes Lover !! grt to see u back :)

  5. how do u guys manage such intense stuff?
    brilliant!! :)


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