May 27, 2009

My Sister

She was so sweet. Everyone loved her, including strangers who had only seen her once. They all said her smile was to die for, such a pleasing, uplifting smile. Whenever someone came to the house she would reach out her arms and smile. That was her way of saying "I like you. Pick me up please!"

Everyone picked her up. Some even reached into their pockets and handed her some money. "Buy some sweets for yourself, cutie-pie, ok?" they said. She would smile and run straight out of the doors to the nearby market. She bought sweets and then ran all the way back home. She shared the sweets with me and Mother, and also the person who had given her the money to buy sweets.

Of course, she wasn't all perfect. She squealed when it was bath-time and me and mother tried to wash her. But then the minute we said if she behaved like a good girl in the bath she would get some chocolate, she started behaving perfectly! Ah, she was so lovely. We only shouted at her once, and that was when she ate the wedding cake for Auntie Rita. She did say "Swory sister. swory Mother,"

Yes, she still couldn't say "sorry". She was only three at the time. The memories.

Reshma was sat on the cold bench, facing the sea front. She was thinking, thinking deep thoughts. She was remembering her sister, the funny things she did, how perfect she was. I miss her so much, she thought to herself. She brushed aside a tear from her cheek. "Anjali. My sister," she said softly. "My beautiful princess,"

Suddenly Reshma stood up, breathing deeply. "Why? Why did she leave me? What did I do?" Reshma shouted. She kicked a pebble into the sea and watched it go. Plop. Plop. Just how my sister went, she whispered to herself. Slowly, but steadily.

Reshma felt a firm grasp on her shoulder and turned around. Her Mother was standing there, her face in a worried frown. "What are you doing here, my darling?" asked Mother gently. "Hmm. Just thinking. Remembering," Reshma said, staring into space. Mother saw her wet cheeks and sat down beside her. "Reshma. I'm sure Anjali is happy. Wherever she is, she's in a better place. Calm down, my baby," Mother said, tucking Reshma's loose hair behind her ears. She wiped Reshma's eyes with a hankie, then wiped her own eyes. "Why did she leave-

Reshma began, but Mother interupted. "She was in pain, honey. In pain. It was better she went early than suffering in pain, isn't it?" Mother said. Reshma stood up and walked up to the ledge. She reached in her pocket. She pulled out a tiny photo of Anjali. She found a few sticks from near the trees and attached them together with strands of grass. She laid the picture of Anjali on the mini raft she had made, and reached down to the water. She felt water trickle up her sleeves and placed the raft with Anjali's photo in the water.

Reshma smiled, a tiny smile. "Goodbye, Anjali,"


  1. wow.. thats so nice rosh .. great attempt.. keep it up

  2. Thanks illusiOn... not my best attempt though, I had a headache yesterday when I saved this as a draft. Maybe I could write another post for Teary Wednesday?

  3. really sweet .. heartfelt is all i can say !!

  4. how very emotional! I mean how very deep it was Rosh! brilliant!

  5. Thanks Pretty Me!!- Nice to hear it was heartfelt!
    Thanks Miss Sunshine- Great to hear it was emotional and deep :)

  6. That was superb Rosh...

    I had tears in my eyes! :(

    But a great attempt! :)


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