May 27, 2009

An end to an eternal wait.....

"Shiva ,are your eyes open?are you watching me ,when will you freed me from all the distress and all my problems?,"Jaganath Singh cried.

His daughter Chanda was getting married in 2 days time.Today his daughter presented him the biggest shock of his life.
"How could you do it?,"the entire family was in a state of dismay.
Chandi was pregnant.She was getting married 2 days hence.
"Tell me who is responsible for this,"Jaganath asked patiently.
"Papa,I know he won't betray me,"she sobbed.
She remembered the promise that Sandeep Bhaskaracharya made to her before leaving for Raunbaugh.
"My love Chanda,You are mine forever ,wait for me,I will be back and talk to your dad about our relationship," her eyes shed tears as these lines buzzed her ears.
"How will I face Samindhi Teghbahadur Thakur and his son Vikramjeet Thakur," Jaganath said.
"Papa,mere Sandeep mujhe milne Zarur aayege,"she said.
At the same time Prasar Bharti ,comes up with a flash news.

"27 Naxalites shot dead in the Raunbaugh encounter . 5 Armymen were shot dead.Major Sandeep Bhaskaracharya (26),Major Raghuvir Yadav(43),Teghpal Mishra(39),Lakeer Sheikh(29) and Major Maninder Purneet Singh(37) were shot dead.,"the news reporter paused.

With this Jaganath witness tears flowing from his daughters eyes.Her love was no more alive.He sacrificed his life for the nation.
"Papa,I won't marry anyone,I have the biggest asset with me,"she said.
"I have Sandeeps child with me,I will make him an army officer and make my Sandeep proud,"she sobbed.
"I'm proud of you ,Chanda,"Jaganath said as he wiped the tears from his daughters eyes.
Chanda could not accept the shock.She lost her life.Sandeep died fighting the extremists.
"Sandeep died,my Sandeep died,"she wept.


  1. tujhe koi aur naam nahi milaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????????????

  2. arey...

    inspired frm major sandeep unni

    nt apna sandeep


    got it

  3. haay achha ji.. sorryy...
    meri GK is know it! gosh! salute to the tribute!!

  4. haha thanks

    vaise my bond with this name is strong

    dnt knw why...character ke liye yeh name perfect tha...hahaha
    sandeep B B for Bhaskaracharya

    :P hehe

    kaisa hai teary story

  5. I've done a teary Wednesday story as well- below this post. Teary Wednesdays are quite hard to write though, for me, because I'm a happy person! I think my best day is probably going to be Friends@Saturdays :)
    You have done a good job in making this teary!

  6. bahut khoooooooooooob!!

  7. UUUUUAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    Rona sach mein aaya ste!! :)

  8. appu

    finally hasane ke baad rula diya naaa

    hahah nd me nt saddist ok


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