May 20, 2009

My Final Goodbye to you all - Sandeep

"You all have made my past one year the most memorable. I laughed, cried and frowned with all of you here. My home was no longer far. It was right here at my fingertips. The homesickness was gone. With all of you by my side whenever I needed a hug or a shoulder, I felt safe. I felt at peace. I have always believed that it is the waves of time and of experiences that give you a shape. That make you the person you are. You are born without a shape and as these waves hit you, it chisels your soul and leaves behind "you". Thanks for being the waves which helped me shape into a wonderful human being. Thanks for leaving behind a will to face challenges. Thanks for bearing with my tantrums. You all have been my friends and siblings and this place has been my primary abode. Thanks for making my home so beautiful to live in. Thanks for making our home the breeding ground of so many masterpieces.

My time has come. Time to move on. Time to leave all of you here. I have formed some forever friends here. I have tried my best to give you the best of what I had. Parting is inevitable. It's time for me to detach from you all. It's time for you all to pick up the baton and take the new course with a never before seen vigor. It's time for you to take it up in your hands and take our baby to the next level. A star has its life. It twinkles brightly, fades with time and then sizzles away. It knows its time has come. And when it does, it severes its ties and lets it go. They say if you wish something when you see a falling star, the wish would come true. That's how even in its dying moments, the star instills hope in everyone out there. And it makes its life worthwile. If I have been able to instill hope in even one of you through my works, I consider my stay worthwile. I consider my life worthwile. I consider my decision to start and shape this place the way it is today worthwile.

I will be here for you all. Like a guardian angel. Watching all of you from above. Seeing you do stuff which will make me proud of having given birth to something which has become a way of life. I will miss you all. With a heavy heart I bid goodbye to all.


Director: "Cutttttttttt!!! What a shot, Sandeep!! You got into the skin of the role of a priest embarking on his last journey to the "t"!! Good shot! Team......break for lunch!"

(P.S: he he he...Nope...I am not leaving the can I leave my family? Cheers!!)


I blaaaaaaaaaag at: yeM Bee yAe


  1. hahaha...very funny!
    enkarge the font of the post script :P:P

    n even if you want to leave, the loungers here will never let you do that :P

    perfect shot by the way :P:D

  2. Nice speech...Has potential for an oscar.. :P

  3. Hehehe...
    Chal ab make up room wapas ja aur WL pe pohonch...!! Teary Wednesday par post nahi likhna??

  4. I think this was sandeep's version of a teary goodbye.. :P

  5. man u gave me goosebumps .... haan aur jana to out of question hai forever....kyonki ek maar padhti aur akal thikane aa jate :P

    But Shot was too perfect :D

  6. I came to check for a P.S before i start reading the post.. n here it is... Sandeep bhai... I know u.. I'm ur partner in crime as u say :P :P .. hehe

    Now am gettin back to the post.. lets see :P


  7. hehehe..... U can go nowhere saaar..!! :P ;)

    This wld have been better for tomoro na... :)


  8. i knew there was more to what i can see in beginning !! n dare u think to leave .. will hunt u down and beat u up !! m capable of it ;)

  9. hahahaahaha I checked the p.s. even before the post!! maar khayenge aap saar! super duper! :D

  10. he too saw the small ps before reading the post...
    cant fool me... :-)

  11. guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you got me goosebumps!
    how dare
    how dare?

    Loved the piece as usual! realest ! :D


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