May 28, 2009

Hello everyone.

Hello everyone,

Particularly, Prats, Freelancer, Dreamer, Mav, Gulshan, RV, Illusion, shadow and the rest of them who are following my blog and have commented on my posts in WL. I’ve been away from the blog since past few weeks due to my exams. I have almost 8 assessments left to do and I will be totally free after the 16th June. During the assessments time, I know I have missed so many brilliant pieces of writings in the writers lounge :-( and haven’t been able to check the updates from my friends too mentioned above. I’m so sorry guys. Once I get free I will be regular on the blog and WL.

Wish me good luck for my exams. I really really need it. And in return I will give you guys a true story that I have written, in dribs and drabs though. But I will polish it after the exams for sure and will update it.

There is one thing I need your opinion on, the story I have written can be uploaded in part one as well as in 2 or maybe 3 parts. The part one will be more like summary I’d say. It’ll kill the some real and good incidences I have come across. What would you guys prefer? Would you want me to write the complete story in one piece or would you prefer the details on every aspect of the story? It’s gonna be true story. And personally I want to write it in detail but since I’m going to share it with everyone here in WL so I need your opinions too. Do give me your suggestions.

I’ll get back soon guys and I’ll be the regular blogger too. A lot of you might not even know me, lol. So I’ll make my name recognised after the exams. Hehe.

Take care everyone.
Stay Blessed and Safe.



  1. Wish u luck fr ur xams! u'll do well...dnt worry! :)

    as for da story....ur story....ur call..we are gonna read it nyways since its coming frm u! :)


  2. All the very best to you gurl.. do well and make us all proud!!

    The story...I would prefer reading the details of every aspect! :)
    Rest is up to you! :)



  3. Detailing is an art .. it doesnt come easy toa ll !! ( its not wd me for sure ;) ) !! so i challange u to attempt the details .. let us be lost in YOUR story ;)

  4. n good luck fr the xams !!

  5. Heyo! All the very best for your exams Princess, and yup, the story..... umm I feel, it'll be cooler with details, else I would feel as if someone molested some emotions off it.

    And just as Pratibha says, detailing is a unique art.... way to go !!


    CHEERS !

  6. Looking forward to reading your writing after your exams finish :)

  7. go and rock your exams....


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