May 25, 2009

WL Cricket Quiz

hello friends and another exciting season of IPL is end yesterday and the team who was at last position last year win the title this year
now last week's quiz was very simple you had to guess some results of IPL-2

first of all answers :-

1.who will win this year's IPL-2?

2.who will win purple cap?

3.who will be the man of the match in the final of the IPL-2?

4.what will be the 1st inning score of the final in the IPL-2?(you had to tell the limit and it should be of 10 runs eg:-130-140)

5.who will win orange cap in this IPL-2?

Now the answers:-
1.Deccan Chargers
2.R.P Singh
3.Anil Kumble
4.143 runs so limit is 143-153
5.Mathew Hayden

now i thought i will get more entries in this quiz because its not related to cricket ,you just had to predict some answers.
but the entries i got is only 4 and no one guess all answer's correctly
so the winner's will be decided on the basis of highest number of guesses.

so the winners are:-
1.Ste(likhetu)[3 right guess].
2.Arun Kumar[2 right guess].
3.Aarthi and Pulkit[1 right guess]

congratulations to winners

now from this week's cricket quiz will be closed because of 2 reason's

1.less number of active participant and this was the major reason ,i thought lot on this before and when i got just 4 entries in the last quiz where members just had to predict i thought no one is interested in this quiz so i will closed it for sometime .

2.i have my exams from this wed(27 may) so i will not get time to post the quiz .

but may be quiz is returned in the T-20 WC if the members are interested

so if members are interested just tell me YES or NO in the comment box.

if i got good response this quiz will be come back.

now the badge for the winners:-
sorry due to my exam iam not able to build the new badge
i will made after exam till then just take this badge.


  1. I dont want to do any prediction thats y bro.. i didnt send my entry for last quiz..

    You can continue with the quiz after your examz are over.. All the best :)

    And Congratz .. WINNERS!

  2. We want Cricket Quiz...We want Cricket Quiz...We want Cricket Quiz :-)

  3. Amazed to see that everyone guessed!!!
    ... this system of guessing would have brought me so much :P

    Alas! it was not meant for me anytime...

  4. oi i want it....finally when i thot i wil do dumthn in this decide to close it!!!! not fair!

  5. @princess
    ya i will think about restarting of it
    after exam

  6. @sandeep
    aaj tak bhai sanday kabhi participate to kara nahi quiz me
    aur ab fokat me kyo chilaa rahe ho quiz..quiz quiz

  7. @freelancer
    jab tha quiz tab karna tha participate


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